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Attendee Feedback

Patrick McCrink, Vice President of Claims, American Strategic Insurance - "With a diverse group of insurance professionals, the WIND conference provides unique views on current industry topics. The conference provides the venue for open dialogue between opposing sides. WIND has been beneficial to me and our great team.”

Trudi White, VP-Claims, Weston Insurance –  "I appreciate  the opportunity to hear the other side’s point of view and foster relationships that make it easier to work together when there is a dispute on an actual claim. The panels also point out weaknesses on each side so that those who attend are less likely to hold on to untenable positions. In the end, this benefits our mutual goals of serving our policyholders by resolving their claims more quickly.”

Jose Palacios, President, Peninsula Insurance Bureau“What is the value of being a member of Windstorm? There is tremendous value in knowing who is who and who is doing what throughout our industry. Windstorm is a unique platform which bringing a large cross section of practitioners together….”

Andy Rock, Defense Attorney, The Rock Law Group “The annual Windstorm Insurance Conference has been an excellent investment of time and effort over the years. Everything I have put into it has come back geometrically in the form of a better appreciation of the challenges confronting all aspects of our industry, the issues which warrant our disagreement, and the many issues upon which we can agree, to the benefit of all the people we serve.”

Steve Shanton, President, Venture Construction Group of Florida, Inc. -  “The Windstorm Insurance Conference is an industry MUST attend event! This conference offers top notch networking with large loss adjusters, law firms, and contractors all while allowing for continuing education classes."

William C. Bracken, President / Principal Engineer, Bracken Engineering, Inc. – “During more than a decade of participating in WIND I have come to appreciate the uniqueness of the organization. It’s rare to find an organization that is able to bring together individuals with opposing views to work together with the goal of improving our industry and those that our industry serves. As president of a consulting engineering firm, I have always found value in WIND and the Windstorm Insurance Conferences for myself and those within my company.”

Nicole Vinson, Attorney, Merlin Law Group “It’s critical that I attend the WIND conference every year for the networking opportunities that are held onsite and off. Being a member of WIND means I always have topics of common ground that I can discuss with my opposing counsel or industry gurus. Because the educational courses are balanced and give insight from all different members of our insurance industry, they are a step above all other conferences.”

Lenox L. Godfrey, CPCU, AIC, Claims Director, Florida Insurance Guaranty Association - “WIND is a proven leader in providing exceptional CEU training opportunities regarding current trends in the insurance industry at their annual conferences. I have had the unique opportunity to meet plaintiff attorneys and public adjusters at these conferences which allowed for dialogue/discussion and in some instances, successful resolution of difficult claim files that may not have otherwise happened short of costly litigation.”

Joe Radcliff, President and Chair, National Insurance Restoration Council - “The National Insurance Restoration Council is excited to exhibit at the 2017 Windstorm Insurance Conference. We are a nonprofit that advocates for change and industry reform, and this is the place to do it. We work with contractors, public adjusters, and attorneys in the insurance restoration industry throughout the nation. We are looking forward to making a lot of connections and helping to educate, learn and create lasting change at WIND.” 

Tony McCarty, Senior Vice President, Florida Family Insurance Company - “The present claims environment is in continuous flux, with new challenges occurring daily. I have found it very beneficial for myself and my staff to attend the annual WIND conference. It gives us the opportunity to network with the various professions serving the industry and stay in tune with the ever-changing landscape.” 

Howard Zandman, Forensic Accountant, Partner, Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP “As a service provider to the industry, I find that having the ability to teach, attend and interact with other providers and adjusters from “both sides of the aisle” offers an unparalleled opportunity to interact with an adversary in a neutral environment. That ability cannot be found elsewhere.”

Tony D’Amico, Public Adjuster, Principal, Goodman Gable Gould “Aside from the fact that the conference represents a tremendous educational forum, a major benefit is the harmonious interaction between representatives of the insurers and representatives of the policyholders. This interaction promotes the development of professional relationships which lend themselves to the mutual goal of achieving a prompt and equitable settlement for the policyholders.”

Jamey Bennett, Director of Product Development, Omega Forensic Engineering – “We have attended five Windstorm Insurance Conferences so far, and we will continue to do so every chance we get. The information provided in the seminars, and the connections made at the conference, have been pivotal in our recent growth as a company. I would highly recommend others attend this conference.”

“I attend for the selection of session topics provided and the fact that CE credits are provided for my state.” Attendee survey response

Jill Moore, Claimside - “The Windstorm Conference offers up a unique opportunity to network with others in the industry and build your business and reputation. From claim professionals to those who actually perform the work and repairs, everyone in the business is there. Great Conference!” 

David Barrack, Executive Director, National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters - “The Windstorm Conference offers a wide range of timely topics for insurance claims professionals while providing continuing education credits. It also introduces attendees to key suppliers and promotes dialog among colleagues and competitors. No wonder it attracts over 1,000 people every year.” 

Leah Palmer, Recromax - “WIND is a very well-executed and highly beneficial conference for everyone in insurance. I look forward to this conference every year to see all of my fellow industry clients and friends. 

Reynaldo Rolo, President, Liberty Extraction and Drying - “The WIND conference is the premier conference to attend for Florida restoration professionals. At Liberty Extraction & Drying, we come to the WIND conference to build relationships and network with other professionals in the industry. We look forward to this conference every year.” 

“I liked the interaction between the carrier representatives and the policyholder representatives. These scenarios gave unparalleled insight of the carrier mindset in certain issues which is very helpful. I also enjoyed the networking possibilities.” 2016 attendee survey response

Howard Altschule, Certified Consulting Meteorologist, Forensic Weather Consultants - “The Windstorm Conference has introduced us to many new clients, both the insured and the insurers, whom have all engaged our services on many cases thanks to our presence at WIND. We continue to look forward to continuing our involvement with the Windstorm Insurance Network.”